For the last 50 years more and more people die from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It happens despite higher medical care and lots of pills. Medicine hasn´t acknowledged causes of civilization diseases so far. The research shows that altering the diet can worsen the condition of health. People nowadays consume too much animal proteins and processed foods. With chemistry, artificial fertilizers and pesticides arrival vitamins and minerals in vegetables have decreased. This caused global human biochemical health deterioration. Several scientific studies have shown that crucial cause of civilization diseases is higher level of homocysteine in blood. This toxic substance is made when proteins are digested. It is found in cells, vessels, tissues like cholesterol. Because of this body starts to age prematurely and organ systems stop fulfilling their functions.
Trivix® with herbal mixtures FG, 100% natural cosmetics and SPA salts Évanthé ensure detox of body on a cellular level. They represent the most complex system of products on the market, which are one of a kind copying the health system. They detoxify, energize and regenerate cells and help organism to heal.

What causes homocysteine toxicity?

With increased Hcy levels in blood, hidden biochemical processes occur in the affected body. These are intracellular changes and Hcy metabolism disorder. They cause obesity, cancer, stroke or heart-attack, premature skin aging, inflammatory rheumatic disease, preterm labour and abortion, depressions, dementia, including Alzheimer, Parkinson, and chronic fatigue syndrome. In a healthy body Hcy is quickly metabolised by enzymatic reactions, to prevent its accumulation in bloodstream. The process of metabolism requires the presence of vitamins B12, B9 and B6.
If there is lack of these vitamins, toxic Hcy is not able to change itself into nontoxic. Higher level of Hcy damages enzymes, stimulates the generation of free radicals, destroys mitochondria in cells, causes neurotoxicity, damages and weakens immunity. That´s why we decided to create product- bioactive complex Trivix for cellular cleansing. It is used to reduce the level of Hcy when symptoms of the disease haven´t broken out yet. When served right it can prevent further destruction of organism and promote cell renewal as well. The Trivix bio complex we created is registered one of a kind product on the market! Reliably used as a prevention of civilization diseases. Trivix positive results are noticeable after two months.

Trivix consists of two basic components:

Vitamin Complex + Bioactive Collagen Peptides- BCP.
A )The vitamin complex contains mega doses of vitamins B6. B9, B12. They cleanse cells, so they remove increased level of highly toxic Hcy. Another enzymes and vitamins are important for cellular metabolism restoration of toxic Hcy and support immune system. You don´t have to worry about overdosing with vitamin B. Vitamin B is water-soluble, this means that urinary system removes what can´t be absorbed. Effectiveness of vitamin B is clinically verified by several studies tested on thousands of people. Our clinical studies are showing that after two months of Trivix usage the level of Hcy decreases by 25-35%. After six months Hcy becomes stable and organism is biologically balanced.
By decreasing the level of Hcy we can prevent cancer arteriosclerosis of vessels ending up with apoplectic stroke or heart-stroke, premature skin aging, inflammatory rheumatic disease of joints, preterm labour or abortion, some neonatal nervous system, depression, dementia including Alzheimer, Parkinson disease or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Bioactive Collagen Peptides support cell renewal and renewal of tissue function as well.
BCP stimulates the metabolism of collagen in the body. Collagen is crucial for cell renewal, tissue, mobile joints, cartilage, stable bones, healthy muscles, strong ligaments and tendons, smooth skin, shiny hair and healthy nails. It is one of essential structural proteins of connective tissues. It restores blood vessels, intestinal walls, intervertebral discs, cornea, dental enamel, and vital components of the whole body. The effect of bioactive collagen peptides for cell biosynthesis is based on two mechanisms:
1) It gives cell typical collagen amino acids as valuable building material
2) Stimulates synthesis and regeneration of cells

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