EVANTHÉ™- 1100% natural products for personal hygiene

Did you know that 30% of toxic substances and chemicals come from cosmetic products and cleaning products? These toxic substances are sources of many illnesses. Do you want to restrict toxic pollutants in your body forever? Change cosmetics made on the base of chemistry for natural organic cosmetics. We introduce you unique beauty line of cosmetic products Evanthé™ made strictly from natural sources. Original recipe Evanthé™ consists of plant organic oils and components on the herbal basis. Used plant oils are cold-pressed. Product of Evanthé™ are made by cold-pressing technique, therefore they contain all nutrient substances, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. For the products we use specially produced herbal mixtures which detoxify, nourish and regenerate skin cells. Carefully chosen essential oils and other ingredients as well make each product unique with its characteristic aroma. All parts of beauty line Evanthé™ are exclusive of animal fat, alcohol, aluminum salt, dyes, chemical and preservative ingredients, synthesized aromas and synthetic colors, crude oil derivates, glycols, silicones, parabens and ftalates free. Personal hygiene Evanthé™ is a 100% organic product on the herbal basis. A natural organic cosmetic with these qualities is literally revolution in skin cleansing, nourishing and regeneration. Only Evanthé™ products fulfil the principles of natural cosmetics on the market „Apply on your skin only products, which are edible. “

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