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Herbal mixtures FG for cleansing, energizing and regeneration of the body

There are two ways which lead to health. The first depends on the help of doctors and drugs and the second one is healing the body by cleansing it with natural herbs.Switch over to the natural recovery; discover the world of a complex body detox thanks to raw food diet, natural herbs and natural organic cosmetics. Herbs are perfect body cleansers.

What is a body cleansing?

Cleanse is not a way of recovery, it´s the system access to health maintaining. Detoxification “doesn´t heal” the symptoms of illness. However, it eliminates the real origin of illness - waste substances and toxins. If you remove the origin, the body will automatically heal itself and symptoms will disappear. Only natural herbs can detoxify and cleanse your body of toxins on the cell terms. They can cleanse even the smoothest vessels and capillaries. Individual herbs can be strong enough to help particular organs to cleanse and regenerate. Herbal mixtures with tuned system have much stronger effect thanks to the influence of various herbs. They affect all body and each organ system as well. There is nothing what could be possibly compared to our herbal mixtures for cellular detox support, which strengthens and regenerates all human body organs, glands and cells. Our complex recovery program lasts 6 months. It takes different time for each individual to heal. It depends on the level of organism pollution, toxicity, acidity, illness breakage or the level of degradation of some organs. For people with polluted body or seriously ill people we recommend repeating the basic bi-annual cycle again.

Why herbal mixtures FG?

  • It is a clean, natural product, which contains organic live enzymes.
  • They have original genetic resources encoded in themselves aimed to protect, restore and develop life.
  • They contain all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants necessary for life.
  • They have a great power of detox, electric energy and they regenerate body on the cell terms.
  • They improve life quality and prolong our life!!!
  • Only natural herbs are not crossbred or genetically modified.
  • They don´t have damaging side effects

Why are herbal mixtures FG unique?

Herbal mixtures FG have universal influence on everyone, that´s why they´re ordered into a system. Every human needs particular amount of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Herbal mixtures FG are designed to contain the optimal daily intake of nutrient substances. Natural herbs are live and they have organic origin, so overdose is not possible. Each organism takes only particular amount of nutrients that is necessary. The rest is excreted from the body in urine and feces. Herbal mixtures FG secure all the necessary nutrients which you need for detox, strengthening, growth and regeneration of cells thanks to its unique structure.

The unique process of detox starts from the mechanical cleansing of organs. In the process of digestion of stomach acid the size of fiber gets many times bigger. It then acts as a brush, cleaning the digestive tract by moving food along through the colon. Herbal mixtures FG works reliably in every part of small intestine and colon damaging parasites and carrying off toxins and waste substances. Herbs excrete in a natural way from the body - in urine and feces. If the small intestine and colon are cleansed, the second phase follows up- cellular cleansing. Herbal mixtures FG are natural dried out and minced herbs, which provide the best digestion and usage of nutrient substances through muscular coat of stomach and small intestine. This fraction secures that nutrient will be absorbed into blood efficiently. Nutrient will quickly get through from vessels and capillaries into the cell. At the same time the fiber goes through the all digestive system and strengthens intestinal peristalsis with its efficiency reaching 95-98%.

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