FG Wealth&Health™

The establishment of the company dates back to 2014, when the first sketch of the ABC Book of Health was created by Jan Zbojek. After reading this book, his daughter-in-law Adriana, decided to cleanse her body and test herbal mixtures and "grandmom recipes". After less than three months of cleansing, energizing, regenerating her body and change of her health regimens, she got rid of the disease that had plagued her for over 10 years. This story of power of the herbs immediately spread throughout their surroundings, and Zbojek's family found that there is much more people with those kind of problems. Everyone who was interested, immediately got a copy of book and herbal blends. They were all surprised how short the time was, 'till people began to share their positive results of cleansing their bodies.

A decision about publishing the book and releasing special herb blends was made in April 2015. Blends will be divided into three parts and the whole cure will last for 6 months. The company was called FG, which means Freedom Generation with the attribute of Wealth&Health, which describes the two most important focus of the company. Helping people become healthy and rich and live a full life!

On November 17, 2015, at opening ceremony FG REVOLUTION 2015, FG Wealth&Health™ reveils a product series of FG Herbal Mixes™, and finally published The ABC Book of Health. Since then, the company has generated dozens of tools for its distributors, has translated materials into several languages, and has organized several corporate events both at home and abroad. The biggest breakthrough, however, occurred precisely one year after its launch on REVOLUTION 2 on 17th November 2016. 100% natural cosmetics of EVANTHÉ™ and THIYA ™ Natural Drinks were born there.

The 5-year vision of the company is to create 5 more product lines while preserving the 100% natural principle and to find and build around 500 managers and 50 leaders with whom we will build an international network marketing company with eight-figure annual turnover.


Cleansing of organs

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Earn on health

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