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Health and wealth are the most important parts of human life. Everyone wants to be healthy and wealthy, but most of the people still end up sick and poor. If you damage your health, you will spend all your money on drugs and doctors. FG Wealth&Health™ put together a health system and teaches people to take responsibility for their lives. By changing your lifestyle and respecting the original cleansing process with natural herbs, you can achieve a state of full health, energy and vitality.

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We've developed a complete system of special FG herbal mixtures™ for total cleansing, which helps them cleanse from toxins, parasites and dirt, add nutrients and regenerate up to the cellular level. You can test this unique connection between theory and practice with our know-how and FG herbal mixtures™ directly on your body. See for yourself that cleaning and maintaining yourself with FG herbal mixtures™, 100% natural Evanthé™ cosmetics and THIYA™ drinks are very simple.

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Books and Education system

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FG herbal mixtures ™ can not be bought in regular shops and pharmacies. You can only get them through the FG Distributor. In case you are interested, you can also use direct purchase through registration and membership in FG with a subsequent discount.

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