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Health test

Assessing the state of health is a very difficult thing, because we do not yet have reliable diagnostic tools. It is common for a healthy person to die suddenly of a heart attack or stroke. Such accidents happen more and more often, and neither people nor doctors can explain it. However, nothing in life is accidental because everything has a cause. This is what the basic principles of creating any reality speak about. They manifest themselves everywhere in nature, as well as in the health of people and the creation of their diseases. First comes the thought, then comes the word, and then comes the action. So do the cells in your body. It is always based on some cause. Immaterial thoughts and emotions affect material cells automatically. Cells actually just react and respond to these stimuli from the environment. The behaviour of cells then causes a reaction in tissues, organs, and this is ultimately reflected in our health or disease.

How you think, what you smell, eat, drink, breathe and what you put on your skin has either a positive or negative effect on your cells, tissues, organs and glands. Negative influences can weaken the functioning of the cell or even destroy it. This chain reaction is constantly being triggered in the body, causing changes in the way cells work. Subsequently, your body will also begin to suffer from health problems.

For example: If something startles you, the thought of fear arises and your adrenal glands immediately start producing adrenaline to stimulate the heart, blood circulation and stimulate muscle activity. This will mobilize your strength and energy to run away or fight.
When we have a cold and start coughing, we evaluate it as an illness. The body just wants to tell us that we are congested with mucus and clogged with toxic substances. Therefore, it started the cleansing process itself by increased temperature, sweating and coughing up mucus. By lowering the temperature with drugs, we delay the natural cleansing of the body and prevent the overall healing of the body.

All changes in the body are manifested as certain signals, which together create the "speech" of the body. Body language serves us as reliable feedback on the state of our health. If you understand your body language and pay attention, you can determine ahead of time which organs and glands are out of order. We mistakenly refer to some body language signals as illnesses. Attention, these are only manifestations of weakening or malfunctioning of certain organ systems due to toxicity and hyperacidity in the body. In the health test, we collected the most important body language signals and purposefully included them in the system. The health test is based on the book Šlabikár zdravia (The Health Speller) and Zlaté pravidlá stravovania (Golden rules of eating) by Ján Zbojek, where a complete system of health and proper nutrition is presented.

Using the health test, you can reliably diagnose individual body organs and evaluate your overall state of health in 30-40 minutes. At the same time, you will learn the functionality of organ systems and specific organs. Thanks to early diagnosis and immediate prevention, you can prevent most health problems, especially civilization diseases. Read the questions or statements carefully. Then answer either "yes" or "no" truthfully. Do not try to improve your answers, because you are lying to yourself and will not learn the real truth about your health condition. If you are not sure of the answer, lean towards the side where some of the symptoms predominate. For example, in the yes box, we also include answers such as: occasionally, often, always, sometimes, a few times in my life, exceptionally, and the like. After you have exhausted all the questions, your answers will be automatically evaluated and you will be assigned to a group. Carefully read the evaluation and recommended solution suggestions.

In the section My weak and strong points in health, you will find out your weak and strong points of individual organs, expressed in percentages. This will alert you to which body organs to focus on for health recovery. In the List of Incorrect Answers section, you will learn exactly where your weakest points are. Based on body language, you can reliably and timely diagnose the germs of inflammatory foci and future health problems.
At the end, write down the number of points obtained in The Biochemical Health Index calculator. Take the health test again after two and six months and compare it with the original evaluation.

The health test is an integral part of The Biochemical Health Index, which allows you to create an even more perfect picture of your overall health. Biochemical health index - BHI is a coefficient that represents the actual level of your health system. Until now, you have only depended on the examinations of modern medicine, which often came too late. Medical diagnostics is focused on the consequences, that is, when the disease already manifests itself. The transitional state between health and illness is the weakest moment in a person's health care. Until now, he was unknown to most people. BHI will make it easier for you to make the right decision to start your recovery as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to take responsibility for your health into your own hands. With BHI, you get a quick and accurate diagnosis of your health condition and a reliable method for overall recovery. At the same time, you also have the appropriate means at your disposal. The entire healing system can be continuously monitored and evaluated using BHI. It can be said that from now on you can have your health firmly in your hands.

With the help of the health test and BHI, you can effectively help your loved ones and acquaintances within the health prevention. Expect that most people will tell you that they are healthy and feel good. They do not have relevant knowledge about the danger of civilization diseases or a healthy lifestyle. They don't even want to talk to you about it and pretend that these topics don't concern them. First, they will tell you that they have already started running or going to the gym. However, their body language will immediately reveal their hidden weaknesses. If you care about them a little at least, take this short test to find out the truth about their true health. I can assure you, that most people will thank you afterwards.